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We founded SeeLocal driven by our desire to provide great online ads to local businesses, local web publishers and local online consumers. The idea was to build a company dedicated to the local advertising experience – for advertisers, website publishers and consumer driven ad experiences.

We are pursuing our goals by:

  • Partnering with local businesses who want to show relevant ads & achieve higher brand awareness in their local operating areas
  • Partnering with local website publishers to scale revenue and earn more money from selling relevant advertising

SeeLocal allows advertisers to:

  • Create compelling website display ads
  • Use our self-service platform to create ads and promotions or let let us do all the work for you
  • Show your image or video ads and promotions locally on our network of websites, social media websites and blogs
  • Show promotions such as discount vouchers to people online in the areas you choose to target
  • Choose the right demographics for your target audience (age, location, male, female etc.)
  • Target the exact areas and postcodes
  • Measure the impact and performance of your ads

SeeLocal allows local website publishers to;

  • Monetise your website with premium looking ads
  • Approve every ad before it appears on your website
  • Earn a higher CPM than the industry standard
  • Measure the revenue generated by your ads